IOS 7: The new big thing


Haley Tiepelman

At 12 p.m., sophomore Mary Galkowski rushed into the Publications room with her iPhone 4S asking Yearbook Adviser Debra Klevens if she could charge her phone.  Galkowski’s plan was to update her operating system before sixth hour ended.

Apple released iOS 7 on Sept. 18. iOS 7 is the seventh version of the IOS mobile operating system and the foundation of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is now the world’s most advanced mobile OS.

The goal of iOS 7 was to simplify the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with a new control center, a new notification center, multitasking, new camera features, a new way to view your photos, Airdrop (which is only for iPhope 5), a new Safari design, i-Tunes radio, an improved Siri and App store, a “find my iPhone” option and iOS car.

“I haven’t experienced the newest update yet because I am actually waiting until all of the apps get updated to be compatible with it so they don’t disable on my phone. I bought my iPad when it first came out and have gotten all the updates and now I have the iPad 3, but I love it. To me it is just like a mini computer I use it just about anywhere,” Business teacher Laura Glenn said, “The one thing I don’t like is that Apple and Adobe Flash don’t work together, and there are no USB ports on the iPad.”

Other complaints of the new OS include its design and speed.  Natalie Ransin had high hopes for Apple’s “new big thing” but felt differently after she updated it.

“I was really eager to get it, but I really don’t like it that much. To me it’s childish looking and really different. It is also really slow and I have experienced a lot of glitches, like my alarm didn’t go off this morning,” Ransin said.

Love it or hate it, the new operating system is a fresh coat of paint on a very familiar operating system.  Ultimately, iOS 7 is very different from its predecessors.

“I absolutely love iOS 7, it’s great. My favorite new feature would have to be the new control center because it is super convenient, you can access it from any app and it has like everything on it,” senior Jason Erwin said.