Girl’s Lacrosse advances to the elite eight


Senior Annie Spewak reaches for a ground ball while junior Kemone Lindo serves as backup.

After a 13-7 record for the overall season, and a 6-1 record in their league, the girl’s lacrosse team advances to the elite eight.

“We were a little rocky at the beginning, but as it progressed we really came together and earned a spot in this tournament,” senior Paige Smith said.

The post season began with a bye, then with a 12-7 victory over Ladue, the team advanced.

“I’m proud of our team and how we’ve played the last few games. I think if we come out hard and ready to play, we’ll succeed,” senior Annie Spewak said.

As the next tournament game approaches, the team is practicing and conditioning.

“We’ve worked on our ride and transition today. As long as we win 50:50 ground balls, we’ll be in good shape,” Spewak said.

The team plays MICDS on May 14  for the next round.

“I think because we know it could be our last game we’ll definitely play as a team and leave it all on the field,” Smith said.

The MICDS team’s record for the season was 12-3, and has not yet played against Parkway West this season.

“I don’t think we will let the rankings bother us going into the game. The biggest challenge for us will be to keep our heads up for the entire game no matter what happens,” Smith said.

With the final four and championships coming, the team is mentally preparing for the possible games ahead.

“We’re just really focused. MICDS is a great team, and we know to win we need to work together as a team, come out strong and stay strong. We’ve been going over plays and I think that will help us to be aware and one step ahead,” junior Kemone Lindo said.