Seniors direct One Acts

Senior Directed One Acts are April 24-26 at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. One Acts are short skits directed by Drama Club seniors. Directors pick out a scene and produce, cast and stage-manage it.

“I decided to direct a One Act because it is the pinnacle of high school theatre and all of the One Act experiences were so much fun that I wanted to do it again. Also, One Acts are really fun and the cast, stage manager and director always get really close. I have also been working my entire high school career to be able to take the class and be able to direct a One Act,” senior Seth Betzler said.

There are nine different One Acts each directed by a different senior. The directors are Kelli Jaycox, Keith Taveras, Jessie O’Brien, Mario Cerion, Yvette Lu, Seth Betzler, Jasmine Kruger, and Emma Stewart.

“Emma [Stewart] is sassy and smart. She’s a great director and knows exactly what to do to get the characters she wants,” junior Ezgi Ilhan said.

Betzler’s One Act is ‘A New York Minute,’ which is about a woman named Melissa as she deals with the death of her best friend Harry.

“I chose this One Act because it deals with the idea of not just going through the actions of life but truly living it. I read it freshman year and fell in love with it because the characters are so relatable and it really made me feel something and it stuck in my mind ever since. It is also really well written and has a powerful message about relationships and life that everyone can learn from,” Betzlter said.

Freshman Sidney Baker is playing an aspiring young actress named Elizabeth in Kelli Jaycox’s One Act; The Role of Della.

“She is optimistic and confident. The One Act has a different and interesting plot line but all of the Acts are really entertaining,” Baker said.