Students prepare to kick off spirit week

Students prepare to kick off spirit week

To kick off the spring sports season, the school is hosting a Spirit Week March 4-8.

Monday is Special Olympics, an all-day basketball tournament for Special School District Athletes from across the Saint Louis area and West High student volunteers.

“Special Olympics is important because it helps students to build connections and interact with special needs children that they otherwise would not have the opportunity to,” junior Jason Ewrin said.

Tuesday is “Super Hero Day” where students can dress up as their favorite hero to support school pep.

“I’m so pumped to wear my cat-woman costume. It’s going to be awesome,” freshman Hope Emerson said.

Wednesday is “America/Spirit Day” which is to boost school morale and get people excited for Mr. Longhorn, the senior-only boys’ pageant held at 7 p.m. that night.

“Mr. Longhorn is a great experience and it is something fun to do my senior year! I had to learn a routine and a ribbon dance that I put my heart and soul into. I mean tears were shed over this dance,” senior Kevin Meyers said.

Thursday is “Throwback Thurday” to uphold the social media trend of posting old pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Students are asked to dress retro.

“People can take it however they want, so it’s more of a creative theme. You could dress as a little kid or just do something from something this year, or a good memory,” Emerson said.

Friday is “Neon Day” to get students pumped for the Glow Dance that is that night at 7:30 p.m. The school day will conclude with a pep rally to introduce our spring sports teams.

“I’m pumped for the Glow Dance because it is my last one and it is not dressy so we can all just dress casual and have fun,” senior Seth Betzler said.