From home school to high school

Freshman Megan Loaney has been home schooled all her life. But for her first year of high school, she came to West. Loaney liked home schooling but she wanted to meet more people and wanted a change.

“You don’t get to meet people. You’re always at home. I came here because I knew people from soccer and it seemed like a good school,” Loaney said.

Loaney has two younger brothers that are ages 10 and 13 and are both currently home schooled. She also has one older brother who is a junior at Westminster. Loaney’s dad is a counselor at the church they attend, Chesterfield Presbyterian.

“My parents definitely wanted me to go to school for high school, I also didn’t want to be home schooled. It was both of our decisions,” Loaney said.

Loaney’s mom wanted to teach her during her early years. Her favorite part of home schooling was that on Thursdays she got to go to her church and have six classes with other kids that were home schooled.

“Sometimes I wish I was still home schooled because it is less tiring and it’s easier,” Loaney said.

Loaney knew kids that attended West before she came here through her basketball and soccer team, the Fillies. She participates in school basketball and plans on trying out for the soccer team this spring.

“I would say it makes things easier if you can meet some kids before hand. The transition is easier if you know some kids,” Loaney said.