Jasmine Krueger: Project Runway Potential

Senior Jasmine Krueger makes and designs most of her clothes. This is a skirt she made out of ties.

Senior Jasmine Krueger makes and designs most of her clothes. This is a skirt she made out of ties. “I love this skirt because no one else has it,” Krueger said.

In middle school, senior Jasmine Krueger began designing and creating her own clothes. Krueger’s passion for fashion ties back to her diaper days.

“I have always been really interested in fashion, basically since I was in diapers,” Krueger said.

Krueger’s aunt is a seamstress and started teaching her how to sew and make her own clothes when she was in sixth grade.

“I am tall and skinny, so clothes don’t always fit me. I decided to make clothes so they wouldn’t be too baggy or too tight,” Krueger said.

Krueger was home schooled for two years. There she focused on fashion and design, as well as other school work. Last year, she made her own prom dress. It consisted of three pieces: a trench coat, a skirt and a corset. The corset was black and the trench coat and skirt were bright red silk with lots of buttons and Japanese flowers.

“I love the freedom designing gives me. I just find it all really interesting,” Krueger said. “I have so much creativity and I want to be different, although it takes a lot more time then buying clothes.”

Krueger’s design studio is her family’s second living room, where she has a desk with all of her machines in the corner.

“It’s very open with a big window to let in light. I also have a picture of Lady Gaga by my machine,” Krueger said.

Krueger is inspired by Lady Gaga’s bold and over-the-top personality. Her favorite designer is Michael Kors.

“I think I was born to do this, it just feels so right,” Krueger said, “God has blessed me with a gift and the ability for my parents to provide me with my supplies and equipment.”

One of Krueger’s biggest accomplishments was making 10-15 blankets for victims of Hurricane Katrina. She would like to continue her fashion career in the future. She hopes to pass on her knowledge to her kids and other kids.

“I hope one day I can make some article of clothing that will effect someone else and maybe even give them ideas,” Krueger said.