Girl Scouts defer prizes to help the community

Freshman Sarah Booth sells cookies door-to-door on Wednesday, Jan. 16.

Freshman Sarah Booth sells cookies door-to-door on Wednesday, Jan. 16.

Don’t have a Girl Scout in your neighborhood to buy cookies from? Don’t worry; we have troop 2534 walking the halls. Twelve freshman girls formed the troop in 2003 and have been doing charity work and selling cookies ever since. The troop is led by Meredith McMindes.

“Our troop leader is a very dedicated hard worker. She arranges everything,” freshman Ellie Nazolli said.

The troop includes freshmen, Mariel McMindes, Ellie Nazolli, Allie Wills, Sarah Booth, Callie Rood, Shirley Yu, Zoe Goff and Lauren Schumacher, and two freshmen that attend Marquette and Cor Jesu, Hannah Auto and Arya Naidu.

“We are all really close friends and we have all have been in the same troop since elementary school,” Booth said.

The troop meets twice a month at one of the girls’ houses. They have built a butterfly garden and worked with charities such as the Ronald McDonald house.

“I think helping charities like the Ronald McDonald house is what I love the most about being apart of the scouts. It feels amazing to help and doing it with friends makes it even better,” McMindes said.

The cookie ‘GO Day’ started on January 12 through January 31. Last year, troop 2534 took their cookie money and paid for their butterfly garden. The troop signed a contract saying that instead of getting the “girl rewards for selling cookies” the troop will use the money for things that will help our community.

The troop goal is to sell over 200 boxes of cookies this year. You can help them out by contacting any of the girls and buying some today.