Parkway West varsity boys basketball win over Marquette

Parkway West varsity boys basketball win over Marquette

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After a 3-point loss with the 10-4 Webster Groves, the boys varsity basketball team returned home to celebrate a 61-54 victory over Marquette.

“Going into the game, I was confident that we would have a good chance of winning. It was our free throws at the end of the game that made a big difference,” junior guard Jake Socha said.

The game was the team’s third home win and seventh win total, bringing them to a record of 7-7.

“It was a competitive and close game all the way through. They’re one of the more competitive teams in our league, so it was good that we beat them,” Socha said.

With nine games left in the regular season, the team moves onto a home game against University City Friday night.

“We have a big conference game tomorrow night. As always, we want to play well in conference, so we can have a chance to compete. Also, the Maritime tournament is in a week where we play DeSoto, and that’s another opportunity for us to compete,” Coach John Wright said.