Five new Apple products for 2013


The five new possible Apple products to be released in 2013 are the Apple Radio, iPad Mini with retina display, iOS 7, iPhone 5S and Apple Television. The Apple Radio is expected to be released in early 2013. It will most likely be affiliated with iTunes and be a competitor to Pandora Radio.

“I think that Apple Radio will do the worst in sales because people already have Pandora, so why switch when you have something that works perfectly fine,” junior Ezgi Ilhan said.

The iPad Mini with retina display is planning on being released in March. By adding this product to the list of newest Apple products, Apple is hoping to stay on top of the growing tablet market.

“Nobody compares to Apple. People buy their products because they are the best of the best,” freshman Tommy Borcherding said.

The iOS 7 is the new update. Customers all over the world were outraged that the iOS 6 got rid of YouTube and Google Maps. The new update is being released in June.

“I am glad that Apple keeps making updates because they need to keep it new and interesting to make people buy their products,” freshman Sidney Baker said.

The iPhone 5S is the newest phone Apple is planning to release. The release date is September but analysts Gene Muster and Douglas Clinton of Piper Jaffray say that it could have an earlier launch date in June.

“I think the iPhone 5S will do the best in sales because people already know what they are buying since most people are already have the iPhone,” junior Austin Oakes said.

Apple Television is not just a receiver box, it’s an actual television set. It is predicted to be 42” to 55” and cost between $1500 and $2000.

“People want everything to be better. We want better things and better stuff,” Principal Jeremy Mitchell said.