Peer Teachers return from camp


Junior Olivia Ransin and Kindermarie Williams get to know their cabin mates at Camp Wyman. They roomed with Peer Teachers from Parkway South, North and Central.

Twenty-five newly selected Peer Teachers and science teachers Colleen O’Toole and Charlie Cutelli, counselor Chris Lorenz and P.E. teacher Ryan Pietsch took a half-hour bus ride to Camp Wyman, in Eureka, Thursday, Nov. 29 for an overnight retreat. The students joined other peer teachers from Parkway Central, Parkway South and Parkway North to learn leadership skills, which emphasized uniqueness, connectedness, integrity and responsibility.

“I learned a lot about myself and how others can relate to you and the situations you go through,” junior Katie Smith said.

The students were put into share groups and roomed with students from the other Parkway Schools. Activities were led by the peer teaching sponsors from across the district.

“One of the activities I had to do was start the wave after breakfast Friday without saying anything to anyone. It was hard, but people eventually caught on,” Pietsch said.

The purpose of this trip was for Peer Teachers to reflect on themselves and what they believe so they can serve as role models for seventh grade students.

“Being at the camp and not at school made me feel more open to sharing and I felt like nobody had advantages over another. I learned everybody can overcome obstacles and should have someone to turn to,” junior Stacey Sartorius said.

With the knowledge gained at the retreat, Peer Teachers will begin teaching for four weeks in February.