Looking at black hair, there is more value and meaning than what the eye may see.

It’s not Black and White: Lets hair about it!

Bri Davis March 1, 2021

Episode Link to Listen Transcript: Sponsored segment: For those who have not heard about Anchor, it is the easiest way to make a podcast. The most important thing, it’s free! There are creation tools...

The hosts of It’s Not Black and White, seniors Zoe DeYoung and Bri Davis.

It’s Not Black and White: AAVE, code-switching and digital blackface

Zoe DeYoung and Bri Davis January 26, 2021

Transcript: [Funky music comes in.] Bri: I ain’t ever seen two pretty best friends. Zoe: Chile! Anyways, so... Bri: It’s the salty attitude for me. Zoe: Go off sis!  Bri: Periodddddt. Bri:...

The hosts of It’s Not Black and White, seniors Zoe DeYoung and Bri Davis.

It’s Not Black and White: Introduction

Zoe DeYoung and Bri Davis November 12, 2020

It's Not Black and White · It's Not Black And White Introduction Transcript: [Calming instrumental plays, then quiets but continues to play in the background] My name is Zoe DeYoung. I’ve lived...

The Westley starts have the goal of promoting inclusivity and school spirit.

Introducing the Westley Stars

Madi Foppe, Staff Writer May 4, 2020

With the help of junior Zoe DeYoung and Special Education teacher Jessica Bowman, a new dance team is coming: The Westley Stars. This dance team will provide Special Education students a chance to excel...

Junior Zoe DeYoung dances alongside her teammate at the Kids Artistic Revue competition. The competition was held in the auditorium at John A. Logan College, and was her second time competing at this competition. “The competition was one of the bigger ones our team had been to,” DeYoung said. “I remember putting on a heating pad after I danced because my back pain had been so bad.”

A dangerous game, high schoolers face life long sports injuries

Tristan Caudill, Convergence Journalism Writer December 16, 2019

According to, about half of high school students play sports. Throughout their athletic career, almost half of those students report having an injury from playing sports.  Athletic...

Editor In Chief Sabrina Bohn shows the group of editors an idea for the week on her laptop at an editorial board meeting on Friday mornings. Bohn then edits the agenda for the week according to what the group needs to get done that weekend or the next week, by managing and overseeing the workload.

Behind the Scenes of ‘The Pathfinder’

Elle Rotter, Convergent Media Writer December 9, 2019

At a table in the middle of the journalism room, 10 newspaper editors sit with their Starbucks and homemade chocolate chip cookies to discuss stories at 7 a.m. every Friday morning. They develop a posting...

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