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Environmental Sustainability class puts on second successful benefit concert

Senior Noah Wright performs a kazoo solo at the Pwest for Flint benefit concert. The concert was held by the Honors Environmental Sustainability class to raise money for the victims of the Flint, Michigan water crisis. “Playing kazoo was a fun and unique way to spice up our music,” Wright said. “I wanted to contribute in whatever way I could to the people of Flint.”

Maria Newton, Features Editor

December 18, 2018

The tradition of altruism from the Honors Environmental Sustainability class lived on in the second annual benefit concert, Pwest for Flint. The city of Flint, Michigan is still without clean drinking water after a pipe crisis in 2016 where their tap water was contaminated with lead and E. Coli. “[F...

The search is over: water fountains ranked

The search is over: water fountains ranked

Andrew Li and Peyton Gaskill

May 2, 2018

3rd Floor Art Hallway Thickness: 7 Consistency: 4 Pressure: 8 Aesthetic: 6 Taste: 7 Temperature: 8 Cleanliness: 8 Convenience: 6 Ease of use: 7 Bonus Features: 5 (double fountain) Total: 66/100 Tucked in a light-traffic, but relevant hallway, this double fountain has strong press...

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Filling his water bottle before track practice, sophomore Grant Aden dares to drink the red-filtered water. Aden brings his reusable water bottle to school every day.

Bayleigh Williams, Staff writer

April 23, 2015

There must be something in the water... Or is there?

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