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Alumna Vicky Hedgecock animates “Call of The Wild”

Preparing for a band concert, alumna Vicky Hedgecock and her friend Sarah Kellogg get ready together in their senior year of high school in 2012. Hedgecock agreed that band helped a lot with her animation skills. “If you come from some sort of musical background like band, it really helps with timing actions for your animation so they work with the beat of the music and have a better overall impact in trailers or in the movie itself,” Hedgecock said.

Ashlyn Gillespie, Convergence Journalism Writer

January 22, 2020

After deciding to become an animator her freshman year of high school, 2012 alumna Vicky Hedgecock worked in high school and college to gain animation skills and experience. She is currently animating the movie "Call of the Wild,” coming to theaters Feb. 21, 2020. “The major push for me to pursue anima...

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Vicky Hedgecock