Administrators revamp vaping policy in hope of change

Sitting at his desk, Principal Jeremy Mitchell takes a call from a parent. During the summer, administrators got together to discuss changes that needed to be made. “There is still discipline enacted because you are still breaking a school expectation,” Mitchell said. “It’s just that the type of discipline will be one that will not only be disciplinary action but disciplinary action with a purpose.”
September 10, 2019

In response to the widespread vaping trend that continues to affect the school, administrators are taking a new approach to the issue by establishing a policy they hope will better prevent vaping on school...

Broken Compass: Administration finally takes action on Juuling epidemic

A student mimics using a juul outside the Juuling Lounge, where a temporary sign has been hung up. “I think that even this flash drive looks cool, you know? I can almost feel the nicotine buzz,” the unnamed student said.
(It's too late, everyone is already addicted to nicotine).
December 6, 2018

Everyone knows this all-too-common scenario: you’re sitting in class, working on a test review, and suddenly you get the itch for nic(otine). You raise your hand to ask to go to the bathroom, but...

Students talk about E-Cigs at school

September 5, 2014
Students discuss the vote to ban e-cigs.
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