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Redefining himself, senior Tarek Baig overcomes racism on the ice

Gliding on the ice, senior Tarek Baig demonstrates sportsmanship and drive as a team captain. As a captain, Baig attempts to create a hardworking environment to promote success for his team. “Making the right plays on the ice and working as hard as possible sets a good example of what success costs day in and day out. I tell people ‘nice play’ or lines like that so they know people are watching and are happy with how they're playing,” Baig said.

Susie Seidel, Staff Writer

March 26, 2019

‘Terrorist’, ‘number 18 is a terrorist’, ‘why aren’t you riding a camel?’ are all comments that no longer phase senior Tarek Baig as he skates across the ice. “I'm sure people say it every game, but I usually hear it every other game. People will usually say it behind your back and n...

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Tarek Baig