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Changing our mindset towards Special Olympics

Junior and cheerleader Tori Fischer hugs a Special Olympics athlete during the opening ceremony last year. Throughout the basketball tournament, cheerleaders encourage athletes from the side of the court. “Cheering for Special Olympics is honestly one of my favorite things I get to do during the school year,” Fischer said. “At normal games, we have to stay in formations and do planned cheers and people are so used to us that [it] doesn't get people excited. But at Special Olympics a lot of the athletes get excited when they hear us cheering for them and we can cheer them on in a totally relaxed and more personal way.”

Pathfinder Editorial Board

March 5, 2020

In the days following Special Olympics, Instagram floods with photos of “Buddies” smiling next to their athletes. Buddies are student volunteers who help and support their partnered Special Olympics athlete throughout the event. However, the basketball tournament, the sole purpose of the event, ...

Special Olympics day to become school-wide day of service

Cheering on her buddy, senior Julia DeFrank watches as her athlete shoots the basket.

Claire Smout, Awards Coordinator

October 6, 2017

Last school year, over 500 students volunteered in Special Olympics. Although more students applied, the administration had to cap the number of participants because of space issues. This year, as a solution, the day will become a school-wide day of service. “Not everyone could do Special Olympics an...

Community unites to plan Special Olympics

Cheering on her buddy, senior Julia DeFrank watches as her athlete shoots the basket.

Wonsang Lee, Staff Writer

February 10, 2017

Five hundred volunteers. Two hundred athletes. And countless hours all poured into one memorable event on Feb. 13: Special Olympics 2017. “Every year, the number of participants in Special Olympics grows, and this year, we have the largest amount [ever],” Science Academic Support teacher Susan...

Kjell Hagen and Tyler Hannegan’s journey to Special Olympics

Seniors Kjell Hagen and Tyler Hannegan, and eight grader Kia Hagen wear gold medals after their game against Cape Girardeau.

Grant Aden, Sports Editor

November 9, 2016

Seniors Kjell Hagen and Tyler Hannegan won the opportunity to be considered for the North American National Special Olympics in Seattle, WA.

Nicole Wang takes over as Special Olympics coordinator

Junior Chris Williams and sophomore Sophia Malpocker hang out with their Special Olympics buddy.

Nell Jaskowiak, Staff Writer

March 1, 2016

On Feb. 22, hundreds of students from West High and across the St. Louis area converged on the main gym, clad in bright purple, green, yellow, red and salmon shirts. Over 400 West High volunteers worked at this year’s Special Olympics, with positions in Victory Village, as unified players, buddies and buddy captains.

How to make Special Olympics the best day for your Buddy

Sophomore Emma Moss takes on the job of buddy and plays with her athlete at Special Olympics.

Emily Wind, Staff Wirter

February 16, 2016

With the annual Special Olympics less than a week away, preparations finalizing the day’s events for all the athletes have already begun.

Student Spotlight: Sarah Goldblum

Students circle around as junior Sarah Goldblum reads

Bronte Segura, Staff Writer

March 10, 2015

Junior Sarah Goldblum spreads positivity working with special education students.

Special Olympics Buddy Helpers

Special Olympics Buddy Helpers

Grant Aden, Staff Writer

February 27, 2015

Standing with his special olympics buddies, sophomore Charlie Hummel prepared to help run the torch at the beginning of the event.  Being buddied with freshman Luke Whitten, Hummel enjoyed spending the day with his new friend. "Running the torch up at  the beginning with Luke was really exciting. He...

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