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Senior Erin Slutzky takes the Bronze at International Racquetball Championships

Wrapped in the American flag, senior Erin Slutzky and doubles partner, freshman at University of California, Berkeley, Nikita Chauhan celebrate their performance at the International Racquetball Championships (Worlds). Though this was Slutzky’s second Worlds debut, she won a medal for the first time. “The best thing about getting bronze was the improvement it showed from the year before at Worlds in Mexico where I didn’t get a medal. It meant my hours and hours of training had paid off,” Slutzky said.

Fatema Rehmani, Awards Coordinator

December 16, 2019

Having competed in racquetball tournaments including three High School Nationals, two Junior Nationals and two  Junior Worlds, senior Erin Slutzky has played the sport seriously since winning second place at Junior Nationals in 2018.  Watching her dad and older brother from a young age, Slutzky picked up ra...

Junior Erin Slutzky represents Team USA at Junior Worlds for racquetball

Preparing to slam a racquetball into the wall, junior Erin Slutzky stands alert for the next move. Slutzky competed for Team USA at the IRF Junior World Racquetball Championships from Nov. 1-11. “Because racquetball is more of an individual sport, if you lose you pretty much have no one else to blame besides yourself. You can practice whenever and whatever you need to work on to go out next time and win,” Slutzky said.

Nayeon Ryu, Video Editor

November 29, 2018

During the five-hour plane ride to San Luis Potosí, Mexico, junior Erin Slutzky reflected on the eight years of training that led her to one of the most important racquetball tournaments of her life: Junior World Championships.    Prior to leaving for Mexico, Slutzky and the rest of Team USA p...

Racquetball team participates in national tournament

Junior Kyle Andersen crouches in preparation to serve the ball. Andersen has participated in the team for three years.

Grant Aden, Sports Editor

March 2, 2017

The boys and girls racquetball team is set to play in the USA High School Racquetball Nationals, after finishing second and first place overall in the state championship respectably. “All high school teams and players are eligible for nationals. Overall, there will be close to 400 players from 15 different st...

Hitting back

Hitting back

Kyla Hatton, Staff Writer

February 25, 2015

Preparing for a match on Jan. 26, junior Tabatha Saake practices skills on the court. Her first year on the team, Saake played Nerinx Hall, beating her opponent. “I decided to join racquetball this year because I wanted to play a winter sport and this seemed like the most exciting one. We don’t really...

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