After the French National Assembly proposed a ban on religious symbols for minors in public schools, young Muslim women in france started the hashtag “HANDS OFF MY HIJAB.” This hashtag has emassed over 70,000,000 retweets, and can be seen all over protest posters in France. It was started by Muslim model Rawdah Mohamed, which she has encouraged others to post in solidarity with Muslim women in France.

France targets the hijab: how does this affect us?

Sara Albarcha, staff writer April 26, 2021

When three middle school girls refused to remove their headdresses in France in 1989 while at school, the government intervened, banning hijabs in public school. After three decades, France has continued...

Sophomore Waleed Abdulla reads passages of the Qur’an before prayer.

Muslim students share unique aspects of religion

Ridwan Oyebamiji, Features Editor November 12, 2019

When the word ‘prayer’ is mentioned, many people think of raising your hands together while you pray for what you want. However, Muslims’ five daily prayers are quite different from other religions'...

Senior Bama Nanić poses with her colored ttdeye contacts and green diamante scarves hijab. In 20 hours, the picture gained 3,460 likes. “Middle school was when I fell in love with makeup, and in high school, I just really felt like stepping my game up,” Nanić said.

Highlights of senior Bama Nanić’s instagram influence

Nayeon Ryu, Convergent Media Writer October 27, 2017

With cheekbones sharper than a knife and a hijab placed delicately on her head, senior Bama Nanić kills the Instagram game with her following of 29.3k. Nanić has a public Instagram account where...

Michele Mordica, an art teacher at Parkway Central Middle, and her husband stand in solidarity with the local Muslim community at the Daar-Ui-Islam Masjid.

Senior Meamuna Paracha’s video goes viral

Sydney Kinzy, Productions Editor-in-Chief February 2, 2017

“My name is Meamuna Paracha and we are going live from Daar-Ul-Islam Masjid in St. Louis, MO,” Paracha said in a live video she posted to IlmFeed, which has then since gathered over half a million...

Sophomore Meamuna Paracha designs a henna tattoo.

Under cover for God’s commandment

Claire Martin, Staff Writer December 16, 2014
Three girls explain what it is like to wear the hijab.
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