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Photo of the week – March 11

On Pi Day, March 14, juniors Emily Weaver, Emily Lofgren, Lauren Adam and Katie Mendonsa support Mu Alpha Theta’s Pi day fundraiser by purchasing and eating slices of “Pi”. Mu Alpha Theta sold 109 pies for $2 per slice, the proceeds will go toward the math department for new desks, subsidizing math contest fees and new calculators. “Eating pie is a fun way for kids to get involved with math activities that they normally couldn't participate in on other days,” Lofgren said.

Catherine Widowski, Staff Writer

March 15, 2019

Mu Alpha Theta sells donuts for Every Child’s Hope

Mu Alpha Theta sells donuts for Every Child’s Hope

Nayeon Ryu, Staff Writer

August 14, 2018

This summer, the West community rallied to raise money for Every Child’s Hope (ECH), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the well-beings of young people, through a gofundme page. To supplement the donations already raised, Mu Alpha Theta is hosting a fundraiser Aug. 22 before school. ...

Pie for Pi

Pie for Pi

Allison Wills, Staf Writer

April 3, 2015

Senior Nicole Maurer serves pie in honor of Pi Day, Mar. 14. The math department and members of Mu Alpha Theta (math honors society) sold pie on this geometrical date as a way to fundraise for math contests and supplies, raising $1200. “We had to put all the pie on plates and make sure they were all...

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