A behind the scenes look at teaching a hybrid schedule

Theater teacher Amie Gossett instructs her Foundations of Acting students on how to stand away from the camera when they perform. The students in the back were critiquing the performances that the online students gave to the class. “I’m going to run the class as I would run it if I were in-person completely. Things worked out very well last quarter virtually for theater classes, which was more than I had ever expected, so I am just going to improve on that model,” Gossett said.
November 18, 2020

Dividing their screens and spacing out their desks are only a few of the changes that teachers are making. No matter how many years of teaching experience they have, teachers are as new to the in-person...

The Deaf community spells out “I LOVE YOU” for Valentine’s Day

Taking advantage of ASL Club time after school in ASL Club Sponsor Jessie Menchak’s room, freshman and ASL Club member Bella Neisius cuts out hand-shaped Valentines. Club members gathered together to cut out cards and make tissue paper flowers for Valentines. “I like learning new things about the Deaf community at West and [meeting] all the Deaf kids within [our school] and connecting with them,” Neisius said.
February 10, 2020

Gathered as a small group in American Sign Language (ASL) Club sponsor Jessie Menchak’s room Jan. 30, both Deaf and hearing students spent time making valentines for classmates to be sold the week of...

Meet Jessie Menchak, a new American Sign Language teacher

American Sign Language (ASL) teacher Jessie Menchak helps freshman Jaquenette Wheatley with her project on a famous deaf person in 6th hour ASL II class. The presentation will be given throughout the week in class to show famous figures in the deaf community. “I try to impact students by letting them know they're in a safe space [and] that they can be comfortable here with the knowledge I'm on their team,” Menchak said.
January 15, 2020

On the third floor at the end of the language hallway, American Sign Language (ASL) teacher Jessie Menchak greets her students as they walk into class, giving them a handshake and a welcoming smile before...

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