One year anniversary of car accident outside school brings reflection for juniors Michaela Linden and Jessie Crawford

Junior Michaela Linden sits on the trunk of her car. She now has her license, but there were a few instances in the weeks following the accident that Michaela needed to walk home. “The rest of last year I walked home a total of three times after I got hit, and every time I had a panic attack,” Michaela said. “It was very soon after [the accident] and I was still very on edge about it. I got rides from friends when I could, or I had parents pick me up.”

Zoe DeYoung, Staff Writer

January 14, 2020

Besides four inches of snow covering the ground, the walk home from school Jan. 15, 2018 was mundane for juniors Michaela Linden and Jessie Crawford.  “It was a normal day,” Jessie said. “You wake up, go to school; nothing was wrong, nothing felt off.”  Just into their walk down Clayton...

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Jessie Crawford