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The ReCAP: History teacher Brent Wildhaber builds a barn

History teacher Brent Wildhaber describes his experience building a barn and shows off his work during the process.

Emma Caplinger, Arts and Entertainment Section Editor

January 17, 2020

 Students may know history teacher Brent Wildhaber from U.S. or World History class, or maybe from Cross Country practice, but do they know that he is also taking on quite the project outside of school? The ReCAP host Emma Caplinger interviews Wildhaber about his experience designing and building a bar...

Freshman Tyler Kinzy goes undefeated in debate

Freshmen Tyler Kinzy and Praveen Dharmavarapu work on their cases during free time in between rounds. Jefferson City High School hosted one of the last tournaments for debate teams around the state before districts. “I’ve done two tournaments so far and I’ve won first place at both of them, so it’s definitely been something surprising, especially to join this late in the season when everyone else has been [competing] for a while,” Kinzy said.

Nayeon Ryu, Staff Writer

February 23, 2018

During the final weekend of January, Jefferson City High School hosted their annual debate tournament for teams all around the state. “There was a bunch of different competition we normally don’t see. After a while of competing with the same schools, you recognize people and the pieces they perfor...

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