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Professional soccer player Jansen Miller prepares for his collegiate career at Xavier University

Senior Jansen Miller dribbles the ball up the field during practice with St. Louis Football Club  (STLFC). Miller recently made his commitment to Xavier University. “It was the family culture there,” Miller said. “Most schools, you’ll hear them say ‘oh we have a family culture’ but you could really feel it with Xavier.”

Cameron Neisler, Convergence Journalism Writer

December 9, 2019

For many student athletes, high school careers leading up to college generally follow a similar process. Playing professional soccer added a unique twist to the process for senior Jansen Miller. Since eighth grade, Miller has been playing professional soccer for STLFC (St. Louis Football Club). Miller started out training with the academy team, playing al...

Junior Jansen Miller scores a spot practicing with the St. Louis Football Club Academy

Holding up a soccer ball, junior Jansen Miller dons his soccer jersey in front of a goal. Jansen has played soccer with the St. Louis Football Club Academy for three years. “The advantage is that [STLFC] are good role models, who have helped me not just in soccer, but in life as a professional because that's their job. That's their life and that's what I want to do,” Miller said. “Seeing them and what they do every single day, that's my goal.”

Reagin Ward, Convergent Media Writer

October 12, 2018

As the first-hour bell signals class is over, junior Jansen Miller packs his bags to leave school. From there, he heads to the St. Louis Football Club Academy (STLFC) to train with the professional soccer team. Jansen began playing with the STLFC in eighth grade with players his own age, but was recruited in...

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