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The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


The Official Student News Site of Parkway West High


Sophomore Rand Al-Hachami poses for a picture at school, donning her hijab and Zulfiqar sword necklace. Even though Islamophobia is very present, Al-Hachami says she has met a lot of positive reactions concerning her decision to start wearing hijab. “[Hijab symbolizes] positive character traits that Islam promotes, like dependability and honesty,” Al-Hachami said. “Wearing it has made me feel closer to my Muslim friends as well as to my religion in general.”

“I’m stronger than anything anybody could try to do to me”

Katie Wallace, Features Editor May 23, 2022

Ramadan: a time of fasting, prayer and focusing on your faith. Ramadan is sophomore Rand Al-Hachami’s favorite time of the year and, this year, it is the time she decided to start wearing hijab.  Hijab...

After the French National Assembly proposed a ban on religious symbols for minors in public schools, young Muslim women in france started the hashtag “HANDS OFF MY HIJAB.” This hashtag has emassed over 70,000,000 retweets, and can be seen all over protest posters in France. It was started by Muslim model Rawdah Mohamed, which she has encouraged others to post in solidarity with Muslim women in France.

France targets the hijab: how does this affect us?

Sara Albarcha, staff writer April 26, 2021

When three middle school girls refused to remove their headdresses in France in 1989 while at school, the government intervened, banning hijabs in public school. After three decades, France has continued...

Photo illustration of a female donning the hijab, a head covering worn by many Muslim females in public. 

Uncovering the truth about the hijab: students share their experiences

Ulaa Kuziez and Tasneem Nasufovic February 13, 2020

Hijab is an Arabic word meaning barrier or partition. In Islam, it is not only interpreted in its literal meaning, but exemplifies the principle of modesty, which includes both behavior and dress for males...

Sophomore Meamuna Paracha designs a henna tattoo.

Under cover for God’s commandment

Claire Martin, Staff Writer December 16, 2014
Three girls explain what it is like to wear the hijab.
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