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Spanish teacher Eileen Kiser fights with hope after her daughter survived a life-threatening cancer diagnosis

Covered in whipped cream, Spanish teacher Eileen Kiser hugs sophomore Zoe DeYoung in the cafeteria. Kiser braced for impact before DeYoung pied her to raise money for Friends of Kids with Cancer. “Mrs. Kiser and I have a really close relationship, and we were both really hoping that my name would be drawn so I could pie her. When my name was drawn, we immediately looked for each other, and we were so surprised,” DeYoung said.

Abby Bach, Convergent Media Writer

May 20, 2019

Putting on her goggles before getting pied in the face, Spanish teacher Eileen Kiser’s goal is to help raise money for Friends of Kids with Cancer. Kiser’s passion for helping kids with cancer stems from her personal journey with her daughter who was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of three. ...

Photo of the week – Jan. 28

Pumping his fist in the air, senior Harry Skordos cheers his teammates on during the senior vs faculty basketball game. The event benefited the Friends of Kids with Cancer organization, and children who are diagnosed were asked to attend the game and participate by playing games during halftime. “My favorite part of the event was helping the kids during halftime. It is always so rewarding to be with people like that because it makes you appreciate the small things in life,” Skordos said.

Bella Hatzigeorgiou, Convergent Media Writer

February 1, 2019

Key Club and Longhorn Council unite to host Cash-for-Cancer

Pieing special education teacher Lauren Perez, junior Julia DeFrank participates in Key Club’s annual Cash-for-Cancer event. DeFrank, along with the rest of her six teammates, won

Anjali Shah, Staff Writer

March 25, 2017

Rather than continuing Key Club’s tradition of hosting Cash-for-Cancer, for the first time the club combined efforts with Longhorn Council (LoCo) and will host the event together at the pep rally Friday March 24. Just like previous years, all proceeds raised from raffle tickets sold by Key Club...

Cancer diagnosis optimistically alters student’s perspective

Brynn Haun sleeps after her rib surgery halfway through her cancer treatment.

Sarah Lashly, Convergent Media Writer

December 16, 2016

Ewing’s Sarcoma Cancer changed freshman Brynn Haun’s life when she was diagnosed on Sept. 27, 2014.

Pie vs. Teachers 2015

Pie vs. Teachers 2015

Charlie Huff

May 4, 2015

Students launch pie at West High teachers.

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