Senior Nolan Cosgrove scores a Division I spot as a goalie

Leaping to save a ball, senior Nolan Cosgrove defends the goal against an opposing shot from Parkway Central. After deciding to attend University of Tulsa, Cosgrove is looking forward to the competitive nature of college soccer. “Playing soccer in high school is just trying to play at the highest level that you can while you’re here and trying to put in as much work as you can while you’re here, so that way you can be prepared whenever you do go into that college environment,” Nolan said.

Ella Mercer and Abbie Zensen

November 14, 2018

After three years of creating a name for himself in high school, senior Nolan Cosgrove has begun preparing for his future at the University of Tulsa. Since the age of five, Nolan has dreamed of playing professionally. Through years of training, he credits his supportive coaches and family for helping him ...

On the boat to success: senior Katy Ward to row at the University of Michigan next fall

Senior Katy Ward verbally committed to the University of Michigan, a NCAA Division 1 school. She also received offers from Duke and Princeton. “Katy's very driven and determined to do her best in rowing. I think Michigan will be very happy to have her,

Susie Seidel, Convergent Media Writer

October 27, 2017

Following years of creating a name for herself in the rowing world, senior Katy Ward committed to row at the University of Michigan next year, the number one school in the NCAA Central Division for the sport. Her journey began when the St. Louis Rowing Club (SLRC) visited the school in the fall o...

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