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Mandatory ACT doesn’t faze juniors

Junior Rebecca Su frowns at the familiar ACT preparatory book that students used to study for the test. This year, Ms. Witt offered a preparation course that provided these booklets to students wishing to get ahead of the game.

Emily Dickson, Staff Writer

May 5, 2015

The ACT test conjures up images of college, future and above all, crowded, silent gymnasiums filled with scantrons and troubled students.

Education system stunts growth

Hussain Yasin listens to a lecture in his Geometry Class.

Liza Tarakanova

April 24, 2015

Tests, tests and more tests. Sitting in a crowded classroom, in a sullen school, forced to memorize hundreds of facts and listen to monotone lessons.

Common Core is coming

At Parkway West, 86.1% of students are proficient or advanced in communication arts, and 83.0% of students are proficient or advanced in mathematics.

Shannon Anderson, Staff Writer

February 12, 2014

 Although 45 states have adopted the Common Core Standards created by governors and state education officials, the effort has begun to raise concerns from parents. “Common Core allows us as educators to move away from factoid, trivial questions, more towards the nature of problem solving. What is ta...

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