Why you shouldn’t be freaking out about the new coronavirus

What should you be freaking out about instead? A lot of things.

Brinda Ambal, Staff Writer

February 7, 2020

News sites are overflowing with stories about the novel coronavirus spreading from Wuhan, China’s wholesale seafood market. They caution against travelling, post alarming statistics and generally predict impending doom. Here’s why you shouldn’t actually be worried about the virus, and what you s...

Sophomore Emma Whittenburg moves from East Asia to the Midwest

Emma Whittenburg enjoys the view of the Yuyuan Garden with her friends. Whittenburg moved back to the United States in September.

Maddie Cooke, Staff Writer

November 14, 2017

With over 24 million people living in Shanghai, sophomore Emma Whittenburg and her family were among millions who thrived in this busy Chinese city for five years. However, in Sept. of 2017, Whittenburg and her family made the decision to come back to the United States in order to further her fat...

Senior Annie Doig visits her native country and orphanage

Annie holds a child from the Nanchang orphanage she used to live in.

Jenny Chai, Convergent Media Writer

February 1, 2017

Just three days before finals week, senior Annie Doig left for China to visit her native country for the first time in 17 years.

Shah Sisters Travel to China

The Shah sisters saw the Great Wall in China during their travels. The Great Wall is 13,170 miles long.

Gabby Leon

September 15, 2016

From learning about China in class to seeing it in person, junior Vaishali Shah and her sister, freshman Anjali Shah, spent two weeks this past summer in China. “We saw the Great Wall of China. We learned about it in AP World and to actually see it was pretty cool,” V. Shah said. I could tak...

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