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Students contribute to hockey team success

Seniors Tommy Mohan, Tyler Purdum, Garrett Larsen and Patrick Hill cheer on the hockey team. The team took the win against Parkway South 8-2 at Maryville Hockey Center. “I like the energy of hockey games, it's loud and fun, especially when we beat our rivals,” Mohan said.

Tyler Lang, Staff Writer

January 29, 2020

Standing sideways to fit on the bleachers in hoodies and sweatpants, the echoes of packed stands make their way to the ice. Fans arrive 20 minutes prior to secure a place in the student section.  “This year has been the most fans out of my entire high school career because we have been winning,” j...

Senior Ismail Hacking pursues his passion for videography

Senior Ismail Hacking focuses his camera using his stabilizer. Hacking has invested in high grade video equipment to better the quality of his videos. “Video is unlike any other art form in the way that it combines visuals with audio to create something that speaks to people,” Hacking said.

Maddy Truka, Convergence Journalism Writer

December 5, 2019

Picking up the camera and pressing record from the sidelines, senior Ismail Hacking captures moments from a football game or an overflowing student section in a single video. “I’ve always been someone who creates things. As a kid, I drew, I played piano and I just liked making things. Videos, ...

Attendance is Mandatory: Behind the scenes of @PWest Superfan

Cheering on the varsity football team, seniors Cameron Neisler and Garrett Larsen get the crowd ready for a victory at the homecoming football game. Neisler and Larson run the @PWestSuperfan Instagram account which promotes sporting events and activities around the school. “I’ve had the account since May of last year,” Neisler said. “The reason I created the account was to spread the word about different sporting events and show love to all the teams and players.”

Drew Boone, Staff Writer

September 20, 2019

After noticing a lack of school spirit and attendance at sporting events in previous years, seniors Cameron Neisler and Garrett Larsen found a way to motivate the student body and boost attendance through an Instagram account called @PWestSuperfan. “Since freshman year, I felt the school spirit h...

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