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Stop forcing kids into AP

A photo illustration of letters scattered around an 'A' and 'P.'

Pathfinder Editorial Board

January 13, 2020

Last semester, my AP English Language and Composition class was instructed to complete a survey regarding access to Advanced Placement (AP) courses. After a slew of leading questions expressing the perceived benefits of the AP program, the survey asked about the effectiveness of various persuasion technique...

AP Fair takes place Wed. Jan 18

To prepare for the AP fair, freshman Nate Kronert picks up his pass in counseling.

Hannah Hoffmann and Nell Jaskowiak

January 17, 2017

The AP fair will be held tomorrow during Common Ground. Students wishing to go need to go to counseling to pick up a pass allowing them to do so. The fair is a chance for students to talk to teachers of AP classes and students who have gone through them to get an idea of the level of rigor, course material...

It’s in the bag

It's in the bag

Betsy Wait, Staff Wrtier

May 16, 2015

During her painting two class, junior Kendall Welch adds the finishing touches on her AP project depciting the physical manifestation of chaos.

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