Lunchroom memes: an AirDrop Phenomenon

This internet meme, dubbed “Dog wearing a mask at dino park” (c. 2017) came as a new exhibit to the Parkway West cafeteria earlier this year. While some find this meme–and most any meme–humorous, some artists become irked with other artists who do not pour effort into their craft. “You get some people who just screenshot instagram posts without cropping them, and that’s just annoying. Then a majority of memes are actually just really bad and not funny,” sophomore Quinn Davies said.

Justin Cupps and Katie Spillman

March 23, 2018

With iPhones rife throughout the student body and the rising popularity of internet memes, the cafeteria is a hotbed for a new Postmodern-Surrealism communal art exhibit of AirDroppedTM lunchroom memes. “I was on my phone with my friend one time and we were going through pictures, and then we rememb...

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