The future of bell schedules

Bell schedules differ at each Parkway high school, West being the only schedule that does not incorporate an Academic Lab.

Susie Seidel, Convergence Media Editor

October 4, 2019

Students stay after school hoping their teacher hasn’t left before their question is answered, teachers working at multiple schools fly into the parking lot to make the bell and members of off-campus programs struggle to make schedules line up. As each Parkway high school operates within a different sch...

The increasing responsibility of the modern secretary

Secretary Susan Lowenstein works on her computer to update the school schedule for September. Lowenstein works with Principal Jeremy Mitchell on the overall workings of the school rather than with a specific grade level. “Secretaries want people to be comfortable around them,” Lowenstein said. “They almost act a counselor sometimes.”

Maria Newton, Features Editor

September 28, 2018

Secretaries are a critical part of school communities. However, there is some dispute on the functions of their office, especially after the retirement of front desk receptionist Vickie Hankammer. The task of the modern secretary has shifted with technology: computers have simplified many duties tha...

Editorial: counseling department is understaffed

A student sits outside of the counseling office, looking at a poster directed at stressed students. The posters were hung in response to the rising anxiety levels of students. Because of busy schedules, counselors have limited time to deal with the emotional needs of students, and so students are forced to look elsewhere for help.

Pathfinder Editorial Board

April 9, 2018

The counseling office is a constant hub of activity. All five counselors have a table used as a waiting room filled with drop-form-toting students, kids with parents’ notes requesting schedule changes; seniors begging for late arrival. But where are the kids who need counseling? Counselors are supp...

Throwback Thursday: Jeremy Mitchell, principal

Throwback Thursday: Jeremy Mitchell, principal

Kjell Hagen, Staff Writer

October 15, 2015

Where did you go to high school? St. Louis University High School(SLUH) How was high school similar/different to high school right now? SLUH was an all male school. What year did you graduate? 1990. Were you involved in any sports or clubs? What did you like about it? I played basketball and tennis. ...

POW: Mario Pupillo, junior assistant principal

Junior Assistant Principal, Mario Pupillo sits with his pink-haired family in support of his mother-in-law.

Bayleigh Williams, Staff Writer

February 4, 2015

"Why did you dye your hair pink?"

ALS Ice Bucket challenge recap and showcase

Jacob Cupps, Staff Writers

August 28, 2014

Ritoma Ganguly and Kathryn Harter interview freshman Katie English, sophomore Molly Sewester, and sophomore grade level principal Beth Middendorf about ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos from the previous week.

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