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Senior Amal Mustic takes us on her ride through becoming a car influencer

Senior Amal Mustic poses in front of her F30 BMW, a car she has remodeled to fit her liking. Mustic, learning how to fix the interior or exterior of her car, believes it is a way for her to express herself. “The idea of being able to make it [my car] my own just fascinated me,” Mustic said. “That's my car, it’s separate from others.”

Megan Hoenecke, Convergence Journalism Writer

December 12, 2019

Sliding out from beneath her prized BMW F30, senior Amal Mustic changes the exhaust system and replaces an old grill on her car. Mustic is a car influencer that specializes in modifying her car, a hobby she picked up from her father. Mustic shares the alterations of her car and uses social media a...

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