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“Every year, my family makes this special food for Christmas, because its related to my [South-Indian] culture. Its called Piti, which is dough made with rice flour thats rolled into balls and then cooked in water. It forms a soup that you eat with a meat curry. My dad mainly [makes] the food, but everyone in my family is involved in the process of rolling the dough. Im Orthodox Christian, and Christmas and Easter are the two main holidays, [so we] usually make it twice a year after church. We observe Lent during both holidays, so we avoid meat and fast for the days leading up to Christmas and Easter.” - Angela Raju, 11

Angela Raju

Triya Gudipati, Staff Writer 9 hours ago

“[The best thing to happen to me this year] was meeting my cool friends. Ive met them at the cafeteria, Keys and theater. [Ive been] able to hang out with them a couple of times outside of school, and it was chill. They make me feel good about myself, and they got me into Dungeons & Dragons. Im closer with them [rather than] the people I was friends with last year. Theyve made my classes so much better, and its therapeutic having them there.” - Lu Schuetz, 10

Lu Schuetz

Triya Gudipati, Staff Writer 1 day ago

“Im really overwhelmed about getting a good score [on my ACT test] because my parents put a lot of pressure on me to get a good score, since they have a lot of expectations [for me] as well as having an older brother who really set the bar high by getting good grades and a good score on the ACT, that puts a lot of pressure on me to do just as well. It stresses me out a lot and it kind of scares me but I know that my parents are wanting the best for me. Although I know theyre not just putting the stress on me for nothing because they want me to work hard and achieve everything I want. I know they put the stress on me for a good reason, they do it to make sure I wont have any regrets when Im older. My parents are really supportive. I told them I needed a math tutor because Im struggling with math and my parents just took the initiative, my mom spent days just trying to find the best possible math tutor she could find for me that will also fit my schedule. They care definitely a lot about my needs and they wont be afraid to just jump into action to get me what I need. Im extremely grateful for my parents. They focus so much of their time focused on me, since I am like the only child right now basically with my brother at college. This could be a good and bad thing since all of their attention is on me now, which puts a lot of stress on me, but it also makes me relieved that I have parents who actually care about my success and achievements. Im really excited to go to college. Its just stressful to think about the process of having to get into college, but I know that no matter where I go, or whatever I end up doing Ill be happy with whatever it is. Im really excited to get out of Missouri and meet new people and make new friends. Whatever is outside of Missouri I want to explore. I want to explore different areas of our country and go out of state for college. I really want to go somewhere urban and populated with more things around me, for example, more activities I could be doing on the weekends. I want to meet new people in different areas. I definitely am looking for diversity on campus because I really want to go to a college with a large variety of diversity, as a student of color. I want to make sure that [the college I go to will] have a good business and marketing program which is really important, and like a large population of like their student body is involved in like the business or marketing area. Otherwise, I feel like itd be a waste to go to a college that doesnt focus on the area I want to study.” - Angie Ren,11

Angie Ren

Lia Emry, Staff Writer 5 days ago

“My first two years of high school I don’t even consider to count. Freshman year I honestly dont even remember [what we learned] and it was cut short. I was virtual my entire sophomore year and took the time to focus on academics, dance and myself. The pandemic definitely caused me to lose motivation during my sophomore year. It took a lot of effort during my junior year to jump back into staying focused and taking school seriously. Junior year, I met a freshman on poms named Poppi Wright, shes meant so much to me ever since. Were very similar, its weird. We clicked instantly and I just absolutely adore her. Throughout high school, one unforgettable moment for me was joining the yearbook staff. I absolutely adore [journalism teacher Debra] Klevens and taking her class was the best decision I made. I found a true passion in designing and making yearbook spreads. I got really into it and by my senior year, I was made an editor. I love going to Klevens room after other classes I dont enjoy as much. I’m a student aide for her so I have her every day and I love it. I honestly feel like I had two true years of high school, my junior and senior year. Im most proud that I just survived the journey. I can say I was in high school during a pandemic and still managed to get into college, continued dancing and formed new relationships.” - Kelsea Wilson, 12

Kelsea Wilson

Lia Emry , Staff Writer 6 days ago

“The scariest moment of my life was getting into a car accident. One night I was driving with my friend in the car, and all of a sudden a car hit the side of my car we went sliding across the intersection, and all the airbags inflated. After we were hit, I was in shock and worried that my friend was hurt. Not only was this traumatic but I was also really scared that Id traumatized my best friend and she would never want to ride with me again. Something I took away from this experience is the fact that you only live once and make the most out of your life because time is valuable.” - Hannah Zaiser, 10

Hannah Zaiser

Lacey Hubert , Staff Writer January 31, 2023

“[The happiest moment of my life was] last year when I asked my crush to Homecoming. I asked her on the bus, she said yes, and I got really happy about it. Weve been together well over a year now, but I liked her for a year before even asking her out. [Before] the dance, we went out and had a nice little dinner together, and at the dance we talked, hung out and danced - it was a great night. Looking back, its a blur, but I remember it as a really happy night. We went to Homecoming [again] this year, and Im planning on asking her to prom too.” - Cameron Licata, 11

Cameron Licata

Triya Gudipati, Staff Writer January 27, 2023

“One of the happiest things I can remember lately is when [I was] at a volleyball tournament. After playing three games, we had busted our butts working to win the point and it was tied at 27. We ended up winning 28-27 and it came down to that last point. Everyone was so happy and really excited in the moment [that] we were able to win the game. Im a middle hitter for Parkway Lightning Volleyball Club, and Ive [been playing] for five years. [My favorite thing about] volleyball is the people Im surrounding myself with, because these people are very uplifting and they push me to be a better version of myself, not only [as] a player but as a human being.” - Gabriella Black, 10

Gabriella Black

Triya Gudipati, Staff Writer January 26, 2023

“[My happiest moment] was in the World Cup final, when Argentina won. I wanted a lot of teams to win at first, like the US, the Netherlands, England and then Argentina. I just got into soccer, but Im [close with] my [older] brother, and some of his friends are from the Netherlands and others are from England, [so I rooted] for those teams, but by the end, I just wanted Messi to win. I [just started] playing soccer, but I play golf too. My grandpa got me into it, and I like playing with my brother because hes not very good. Im hoping to make the JV team this spring for it.” - Maddox Miller, 11

Maddox Miller

Triya Gudipati, Staff Writer January 25, 2023

“The happiest moment of my life was when I realized that my family was accepting who I am. [I am] a transgender woman, and [in that moment,] I felt like I had this fear taken away. [It was] about two years ago, and I remember realizing that my parents were doing everything they could, and while they werent perfect, I finally realized how much effort they were putting in. Its made my home life a lot better, there have been fewer arguments with my family, and I just feel very liberated. My mom [was the most] accepting when I came out. I was worried before because I didnt know how accepting she would be, but shes made appointments to talk to people so I could get help to further who I was and am. On the other hand, my [older] brother sometimes struggles with it because he has a hard time seeing things from my perspective, as hes had a very different life. In general, I think that community support, whether family, friends or teachers, is the best thing anyone can do to help anyone” - Ash Herring, 10

Ash Herring

Triya Gudipati, Staff Writer January 24, 2023

“[My favorite vacation] is a camp held by BYU called Aspen Grove in Utah. Its held in the mountains, and I love being up there. I didnt appreciate it before Covid [hit]. My family goes every June, but the most recent time was my favorite because my whole family on my dads side was there, and they live all over the country, so it was nice to see them all in one place. [The best] moment was when we decided to stay up until 11 p.m. doing karaoke. We got shut down by the [counselors] because we were being too loud and it was too late at night, but we got to sing a lot of different, funny songs like Stacys Mom, which was hilarious.” - Rachel Brazier, 10

Rachel Brazier

Triya Gudipati, Staff Writer January 23, 2023

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