Thin Blue Line or thinly-veiled racism?

Instead of a symbol of support, the Thin Blue Line flag, also known as the 'national police flag,' causes fear and division.
How the Blue Lives Matter movement suppresses Black voices
3 days ago

It flies at your favorite hometown barbecue restaurant. It hangs in the background of your classmate’s Zoom screen. It’s plastered on your friend’s gaiter mask. It sits on a sign in your front yard. It’s...

It’s Not Black and White: Introduction

The hosts of It’s Not Black and White, seniors Zoe DeYoung and Bri Davis.
November 12, 2020

It's Not Black and White · It's Not Black And White Introduction Transcript: [Calming instrumental plays, then quiets but continues to play in the background] My name is Zoe DeYoung. I’ve lived...

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It’s Not Black and White