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We’re Really Clef-er: Most Excellent Eighties

We're Really Clef-er: Most Excellent Eighties

Dani Fisher and Justin Cupps

May 4, 2017

This time, the playlist got a little out of hand (“My bad,” news editor Justin Cupps said). If you are an avid reader of our blog, you know that most of our playlists are half an hour, at most. That comes out to about eight songs, and we have always felt like that is reasonable. By the time we fini...

Spring into new music

Spring into new music

Dani Fischer, Section Editor

May 3, 2017

Spring brings all kinds of changes, from new flowers to amazing new songs from fresh artists. Listen to my favorite tracks here.

We’re Really Clef-er: April Fools Playlist

We're Really Clef-er: April Fools Playlist

Justin Cupps and Dani Fischer

April 1, 2017

We love holiday music. Valentine's day, Christmas, Hanukkah; you name it and we have probably could sing a dozen songs back to you for that holiday. April Fools is no exception. With a wide range of songs, from “Fool” by Shakira, to “Fool” by Various artists-Shakira Tribute, there’s something for everyone on this playlist. Our favor...

We’re Really Clef-er: the (terrible) pop playlist

Sophomore Justin Cupps listens to the collection of 2000s hits.

Justin Cupps, News Editor

March 21, 2017

With it’s dying breath, the year 2016 brought us the atrocity of a playlist of entirely pop music. However, we decided we had to cover all genres of music which sadly includes this. This playlist features hit songs from the past decade and a half ranging from early 2000’s hits such as “Wannabe...

We’re Really Clef-er; Valentine’s Day playlists for all

We're Really Clef-er; Valentine's Day playlists for all

Dani Fischer and Justin Cupps

February 14, 2017

Playlists for the people hopelessly in love and those that only have love for Netflix this Valentine's Day.

We’re Really Clef-er: Weekly(ish) Favorites

We're Really Clef-er: Weekly(ish) Favorites

Justin Cupps and Dani Fischer

December 5, 2016

Every two weeks, Justin and I go through our music to find the tracks that have been running through our heads non-stop each time adding five tracks apiece. This running blog is meant for your enjoyment of the music we are enjoying at the moment. Scroll down to see past playlists, and check out our ...

We’re Really Clef-er: the presidential one

Renowned R&B artist Marvin Gaye plays piano.

Justin Cupps, News Editor

November 8, 2016

The POTUS playlist was created by Arts & Entertainment editor Dani Fischer and the blog written by News Editor Justin Cupps. With a simple read through of the song titles you probably figured out that this wasn’t anything at all like Vice President Joe Biden’s “2016 Summer Playlist” or President Obama’s ...

We’re Really Clef-er: rhythm and poetry playlist

A photo of the group Wu-Tang Clan in concert

Dani Fischer

October 6, 2016

Dani “Wicked Menace” Fischer and Justin “Insane Leader” Cupps present our music blog, “We’re Really Clef-er”. Each blog, one of us makes the playlist and the other one writes about it, so that we can remain impartial about our music taste. This week, Cupps made the playlist and Fischer w...

We’re Really Clef-er: Homecoming playlists for all

Juniors Emily Dickson and Grant Aden pose for a photo after Aden asked Dickson to homecoming.

Justin Cupps

September 17, 2016

In lieu of homecoming, the two of us have decided to make two playlists of polar nature: one to get pumped to go to homecoming and the other to wallow in sadness or (in my case) play Super Smash Bros across various platforms with friends. If you wish to see the wallowing-in-sadness playlist, read the lower piece. P...

We’re Really Clef-er: Indie Folk Playlist

We're Really Clef-er: Indie Folk Playlist

Justin Cupps

September 13, 2016

NOTE: I do suggest you listen to the playlist before reading this because it will make a lot more sense once you do. After finding another online newspaper that made weekly playlists based on holidays or other major events, the Pathfinder editorial board thought ‘We must have it!’; thus, this blo...

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