Zoom university: Freshmen share their experiences

Laying out her papers, freshman Allison VanValkenburgh does her homework. VanValkenburgh is getting used to switching over from paper to digital. “in normal school we would've had more paper assignments.and I learn and test the best on paper,” VanValkenburgh said. “With learning being 90% online, it's hard adjusting to the new norms and expectations.”
October 2, 2020

Virtual schooling has hit the mid quarter mark now, and the freshmen class has adjusted to their first weeks of high school, well actually, virtual school. From online PE to learning music through a screen,...

Six people, six Zoom classes: The Wright way to do online learning

Showing off his setup, social studies teacher John Wright has gotten comfortable in his new classroom. Before the school year, everyone in the Wright family had to arrange and organize their own learning space. “We basically broke it up into districts,” J. Wright said. “And so far everything has worked great, hopefully it can stay that way.”
October 1, 2020

Being at home can be challenging for students as most lack direct access to their teachers, but for freshman Brian Wright and junior Luke Wright, they can’t escape them. The Wright family consists...

Going Beyond Bilingual: Part two

Holding the Puerto Rican flag,  Gonzalez and his parents attend an event in downtown St. Louis with other Puerto Ricans that live in the area.
April 3, 2020

Spanish flashcards and French listening tests are part of a difficult but necessary path to mastering another language in the eyes of high school students, but for some, it’s a way of life. The number...

Going Beyond Bilingual

Going Beyond Bilingual
March 5, 2020

 Spanish flashcards and French listening tests are part of a difficult but necessary path to mastering another language in the eyes of high school students, but for some, it's a way of life. The number...

9. Fame, fortune and 15 second videos? Students share the experience of being “Tik Tok famous”

Standing in the hallways, sophomore Kyle Norman makes a Tik Tok video for his fans. Over the month of September, Norman gained over 2,000 fans on the app. “Sometimes, I feel like people don’t understand what I do or why I do [it] because I get weird looks when I make Tik Toks,” Norman said. “Nobody really thinks that it’s possible for just a normal guy like me to be so popular without showing it off to everybody.”
October 3, 2019

In the past, apps like Vine and have been the solution to boredom around your house. They were used as replacements for Netflix or listening to music late at night, but now, Tik Tok is the way...

Art students face the pressures of STEM focused education

Posing with her camera and drone, junior Caroline Judd shows the equipment she needs to continue her career as a photographer. Judd used her own money to purchase her equipment and uses her own time to take and edit photos. “I’ve invested lots of money into camera equipment and editing software that you can’t get at school,” Judd said. “I understand that that isn’t a priority for the school, but it’s hard when you want to follow a career that isn’t typical or STEM focused because you have to put so much time into outside of school while also balancing your schoolwork.”
November 29, 2018

Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics. These fields have been pushed on us since we were young. Elementary schoolers take art and music classes once or twice a week, but are drilled in their times...

Senior oboist Gwyn Allendorph works to make her passion a career

Practicing during school, senior Gwyn Allendorph works on music for an outside ensemble. One of her most impactful moments in music was listening to melodies in the strings during a performance of the Peer Gynt Suite at Powell Hall. “One of my favorite pieces of all time to play is Donzón no. 2 by Arturo Márquez, that was the first piece we ever started rehearsing in the YPCO in my first year,” Allendorph said.
October 16, 2018

If you want to find senior Gwyn Allendorph, check a practice room, a stage in Webster Groves or perhaps Powell Hall. An accomplished oboist, Allendorph is currently in four symphonic orchestras and has...

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