Cardinals have a hot start


Jeff Roberson

The Cardinals hope to avenge last years upsetting loss in the playoffs, and hopefully secure their 13th World Series victory.

Entering today, the St. Louis Cardinals are (8-3) and ranked the fifth best team in baseball. Their early season success can be contributed to the play of newcomer Jason Heyward. Heyward moved over from the Braves and is the starting Right Fielder this season.

“There is nothing better then a nice Cardinals game in the summer. It is exciting that the team added Jason Heyward from the Braves. There offense struggled at times last year, but with this acquisition, the Cardinals should get over the bump and hopefully win another title,” teacher Mike Schenck said.

With the Cardinals 2-1 win over the Reds last night, it makes it their third straight win.

“The Cardinals success depends on Matt Carpenter, Kolten Wong, and Matt Adams producing like they did in the postseason. With our pitching staff, we are capable of beating any team with any of our guys on the mound,” junior Paulie Sumner said.

The Chicago Cubs are (7-5) and currently second behind the Cardinals in the NL Central division. The revamped Cubs lineup can be the result of Third Basemen Kris Bryant being called up from the Minors recently.

“With the Cubs improving dramatically this past off-season, the rivalry will be renewed with the Cardinals. It should be exciting to watch these two teams clash throughout the season,” sophomore Andrew Schmidt said.

The Cardinals have the second best attendance this year with 43,650 fans per game. However, the Cardinals are the best with filling their stadium up, with 92.5 percent of the stadium being full each night.

“The Cardinals have the best fans in baseball. I think it has to do with them always being in contention. My dad and I go to many games during the season because of the great atmosphere,” junior Katie Hornsby said.

This is the second year the Cardinals have had Ballpark Village, which is one of the reasons fans come to the game.

“I really enjoy Ballpark Village. The food is great too and fredbird is always fun to watch. It is never boring to go to a Cardinals game,” junior Holt Priest said.