Two giants clash in the desert


This is the first ever Super Bowl at University of Phoenix Stadium. The stadium sits 63,400 fans, making it one of the smaller stadiums in the NFL. However, with standing room included, the stadium can hold 78 thousand fans.

The Super Bowl is set between the Seattle Seahawks (12-4) and the New England Patriots (12-4) for Sunday, Feb. 1. The game will be held at the University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

“I think this years game will hopefully be better than last years blowout. They are both great teams and it will be awesome to see Seattle’s defense battle against the Patriots offense,” junior Wyatt Harlan said.

This is the second year in a row the Seahawks have reached the Super Bowl. The game is in light of speculation that Patriots cheated in the AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts in which 11 of the 12 football were slightly deflated.

“My dad almost always complains about how the Patriots cheated against the Rams in the Super Bowl by filming their practices. There is no reason to suspect that they had not cheated again. I do not like the team at all, they are a bunch of cheaters and look for anyway around the rule book,“ junior Brittany Davega said.

The NFL is continuing to look into the situation but will not make a verdict until after the Super Bowl. The Patriots have not won a Super Bowl since 2005, when they beat the Philadelphia Eagles 24-21.

“The NFL should punish them when the season ends. For some reason I feel like it won’t end up happening because of the way the league works. Over the past year, the NFL seems very corrupt with all the domestic violence, and drug situations,” freshman Tommy Dreller said.

Seattles Quarterback Russell Wilson becomes the first QB to start two Super Bowls in his first three years in the league. However, New England’s Quarterback Tom Brady will be starting in his sixth Superbowl. By winning the AFC championship game, Brady became the all-time winningest Quarterback in playoff history with 20 wins.

“Tom Brady is a great quarterback and will most likely end up in the hall of fame some day. He is the type of player that kids dream about. The ones that get the supermodel wife, and has the game to back it up,“ sophomore Caleb Carswell said.

The half time show is Katy Perry, who will be looking to surpass Bruno Mars performance in last years Super Bowl.

“It is going to be very hard for Katy Perry to perform better than Bruno Mars. It was one of the better performances during the Super Bowl in recent years. I hope she performs her older songs which I think are better than her recent releases,“ senior Libby Dodge said.

For a 30 second advertisement in the Super Bowl, it costs roughly 4.5 million, up $500 thousand from last year. The notable commercials to look forward to are the Budweiser, Coca Cola and Oreo’s ads that are sure to amaze.

“I always look forward to the Doritos commercials because they seem to be the funniest year in and year out. My favorite commercial from last year was the Doritos time machine commercial,” senior Anthony Ruffner said.