Editorial: Students react to Bradford’s bad luck

Editorial: Students react to Bradford's bad luck

For the second year in a row, the Rams lose starting quarterback Sam Bradford to a torn ACL. The injury came last week in a preseason game against the Cleveland Browns. Bradfords rookie contract is coming to an end after being drafted number one overall in 2010. His six year, $78 million contract, makes him one of the highest paid quarterbacks.

“I do not think that Bradford was necessarily a bust, but he didn’t perform to his capability. It did not help that he had multiple offensive coordinators,” junior Jacob Ransom.

“Back in 2010, they should have drafted a different playmaker. A good option could have been wide receiver Dez Bryant from Oklahoma State, that has been one of the top wide receivers in the league since being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys,” senior Taylor McNeal.

Shaun Hill is the backup quarterback who has a career record of 13-13.

“I think this will affect the Rams chance to win like last season. They ended up finishing 7-9, with Bradford gone for most of the season. They need a good quarterback to get them over the hump in their division and into the playoffs,” sophomore Nate Hughes said.

[The Rams] need a good quarterback to get them over the hump in their division, and into the playoffs,”

— Nate Hughes, 10

There are many quarterbacks available on the market for the Rams. Former Broncos starter, Tim Tebow, is among one of the free agent quarterbacks. Also, backup Eagles quarterback, Mark Sanchez has been noted as a viable option.

“What would be interesting is if the Rams went after retired quarterback Brett Favre. He would definitely increase attendance rates this season,” sophomore Wyatt Yess said.

There 2015 college football quarterback class features many options for team. One of them include former heisman trophy winner, Jameis Winston, from Florida State.

“Since they need a quarterback, they should draft Jameis. I could see him being successful in the organization and leading the team to many great seasons,” junior Evan Shukers.