Coachella 2014: Five best street style looks

The annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Palm Springs, CA is a two weekend music festival that brings together indie and alternative style performers, fans and famous faces for concerts and parties.

This year’s first weekend of the festival was held April 11-13 and the second weekend was April 18-20. The performances included Outkast, Ellie Goulding, Lorde, Muse, Pharrell Williams and many others.

Also included in the festivities are the unique style choices made by attendees. Here are the top five street style looks from Coachella 2014:

Since the festival takes place in the heat of a desert, this outfit is the perfect way to stay cool while still dressing for the occasion. The black body suit and purple lipstick makes the look edgy but when worn with the floral shawl and jeans shorts, this concertgoer looks seasonally inspired. The combination of elements in this outfit has almost as much variety as the festival lineup itself.

This look, featuring a skirt and heeled booties, is one of the more dressy looks I came across from the festival. The pink and flower details made the look different from the usual Bohemian looks of Coachella and bring a girly touch to the outfit. Also, the heart shaped sunglasses are a way to block the bright dessert sun while still staying fashion forward.

On the more casual side, this concert goer wears a wide brimmed hat, reflective sunglasses and a red shawl. The lightweight red shawl perfectly compliments her skin tone and the lace detailing makes it look vintage inspired. Also a popular trend at the festival, the round, reflective sunglasses worn by this attendee fit her face nicely while reflecting the sun-like color of the dessert. Her hat makes this outfit complete as it is a good way to fashionably block the hot sun.

Simple in black and white with bright red lipstick, this concert goer made my top five list for her retro style that is very different from most other attendees. The high-waisted leather shorts bring an edgy vibe to the outfit, and the shorts are not outdone by the low-cut white top. The red lipstick was just enough to make this outfit pop with just a touch of color. Surprisingly enough, the lack of color in this outfit is what makes it a stand out.


Different from the last look, this outfit’s use of cool colors made it a top five look. The shiny material of the dress and purse make it a fun look while the cool colors provide a well-worn contrast to the orange tones of the dessert. The dress was dressed down with the denim jacket to make the outfit more festival appropriate.

These top five looks of Coachella 2014 varied from Bohemian to retro which represents the diversity of the festival itself.