Standing with Israel

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The country of Iran is out of control. In the past four years, the country has drawn closer and closer to obtaining a nuclear weapon, one that would undoubtedly be used to cause havoc and death across the entire world. However, the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has made it clear that he has two targets in mind: the United States and Israel.
We should not kid with ourselves. If Iran were to obtain a nuclear weapon, it would be used against the United States and Israel, one of our greatest allies in the world. While tensions continue to escalate, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that the will retaliate with military action if Iran obtains a nuclear weapon. And as many people paint Netanyahu as a ruthless leader who is only trying to push Israel on the world scene at the expense of his people the question is raised, does America stand with Israel?
Under this administration, the answer is clear: we don’t. President Obama has even said that he wants to create “daylight between ourselves and Israel.” Obama suggested that Israel should return to its borders from 1967, one that the New York Times said would leave Israel “indefensible.” We cannot turn our back on Israel. If we, one of the only supporters of Israel who is surrounded by enemies, fail to protect them, Israeli lives will be in danger.
Now, many believe that President Ahmadinehad is merely blowing hot air. That he won’t actually obtain a nuclear weapon, nor will he use it, because of the outrage it would create. But let’s look at his words. In August of 2006, Ahmadinejad repeated his belief that Israel should be “blown off the map” and end the “existence of the Zionist regime.” In that same year, he called America the “great Satan” and expressed his disgust with our government and ideals. Iran poses a great threat to our nation and to the world.
The idea that we would turn our back on Israel is disappointing. Where is our morality? When a nation whose people are in danger calls out to us, why do we ignore? Since World War II, we have taken it upon ourselves to end evil regimes and give aid to the people. The idea that people who supported the President in spending billions upon billions of dollars on failed and dangerous programs such as the Stimulus Package and the Affordable Health Care Act, and then suddenly deem themselves fiscally responsible and argue that we should not intervene with Israel because of our debt is hypocritical and sad. Had we not passed the two previously named bills, we would have trillions of dollars to put into other programs.
Israel needs our help. Too long they have been targeted and hated for being a reflection of us. And as they stand for our beliefs and values, it is our duty and responsibility to do so. If we do not respond, the world will see that we are weak and we cannot stand up to Iran and any other country who defies our beliefs. But if we respond, the world will see that we stand for democracy, freedom, and independence; then we will gain respect and reverence from our friends and our enemies.

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