The Tale of Snow White Review

The Tale of Snow White Review

Sarah Booth

Startled to find out Snow White was eavesdropping, the dwarves huddled behind their leader. The dwarves were played by Casey Bruner, Koel Branson, Kjell Hagen, Tanya Esmiel, Steven Ou, and Audrey Frost.

A twist on a time-honored classic that did not deliver on it's promised interactivity.

Our Rating: 6.5/10

Allie Collins and Macky Kavanaugh
November 9, 2014

From the cruel Queen Vanity to the softhearted Snow White, the Theatre Department’s take on the classic story of “The Tale of Snow White”, preformed Nov. 7-8, was filled with lovable characters. The show kicked off with a background story, which lacked an enticing hook. However, “Snow White” quickly picked up as an incessantly chattering maid by the name of Grovella, played by Maddie DeClue, interacted with Snow White, played by Kennedy Brown, and Queen Vanity, played by Alyssa DeVoto. As the two clashed, the defining characteristics of each of the leads was emphasized due to their... Read more »

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