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St. Louis County canine unit visits West

St. Louis County canine unit visits West

Photo by Debra Klevens

Police Officer Brian McCauley prepares the search with K-9 Olla. Olla's duties include patrol and drug detection. She is certified to track, apprehend criminals, locate evidence and detect narcotics.

On Feb. 25, the St. Louis County canine unit performed their first search at 8:22 a.m.

“It was an exterior search,” Principal Dr. Jeremy Mitchell said.

St. Louis County police officer Brian McCauley and his German Shepherd, Olla, performed the search.  The search lasted 30 minutes. Initially. Officer McCauley guided his dog throughout the parking lot, but then he let him go.  Olla was free to sniff around the parking lot unleashed with the supervision of Officer McCauley.

“The dogs can differentiate between narcotics and other scents” Mitchell said.

The next search will be at random, and the search grounds are to be determined.

“We know that the next search will be an interior search but we do not yet know the specifics,” Mitchell said.


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