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A day in the life of Zarah Habibollah

A day in the life of Zarah Habibollah

Photo compliments of the Habibollah family

During a tour in Bora Bora, the Habibollahs tour guide brought them into a native tribe's territory. "The native people chased us off,” Habibollah said. “It was so scary.”

On the weekend, some people go to football games, go out to dinner or hang out with friends, but freshman Zarah Habibollah spends her weekends going to high-end fashion shows.

“The most recent show that I went to was the Burberry fashion show in London,” Habibollah said.  “It was one of my favorite shows I’ve been too.”
Habibollah has been to many fashion shows including Prada, Gucci and Chanel.

“I met the present designer of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, at a show in Milan,” Habibollah said.

In addition to Habibollah’s travels to fashion shows, she has also traveled to every state in the United States except for Texas.  Habibollah and her family have visited numerous places such as Fiji, the Amazon, Bora Bora, took a tour of Europe, Tokyo, Vancouver, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bermuda, Australia and many more.

“When we visited the Amazon, my sister got bit by some odd frog. They took her to a hospital, and when they went to identify the type of frog that bit her, they could not,” Habibollah said. “The species of the frog was unknown, so she basically discovered a new kind of frog while we were there.”

Furthermore, Habibollah and her family had a close encounter with a native tribe in Bora Bora.

“We were in their territory on a tour and the native people chased us off,” Habibollah said. “It was so scary.”

Habibollah also had the experience to swim with wild dolphins in Fiji with her family.

“Swimming with wild random dolphins in Fiji was amazing.  I saw one and grabbed its fin and swam with it.  It felt really cool because I knew they weren’t trained. I felt so free,” Habibollah said.

In addition to visiting many places, she also speaks five languages.  They include English, Italian, Hindi, Farsi and Spanish.  She is presently enrolled in Spanish II.  Habibollah learned Italian because her father is Italian, and Hindi because her mother is Indian. She learned Farsi and Spanish for her Father’s job and grew up knowing English. Her father works for the United States Government and is gone for six months at a time.

“I love my dad’s job because we always get to travel and I love traveling,” Habibollah said.

Due to her Father’s accomplishments in the Government, Habibollah and her family were invited by President Barak Obama himself to a night featuring dinner and dessert at the White House her eighth grade year.

“I was so nervous when I shook hands with President Obama,” Habibollah said.

While Habibollah’s Father is gone for six months, he only visits for two weeks at a time.

“I get to learn so many things and have so many experiences through traveling, it is great to be with my dad, but its so hard to wait for him to come home,” Habibollah said.

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